Kelly Pennington comes from Colorado with her boyfriend and two dogs. She attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and came out as a generalist in 2D animation. She learned traditional animation, stop motion, character design, concept art, digital painting, story-boarding, lay out, backgrounds, producing, dialogue directing, voice acting and everything that goes into making a 2D shorts. Her education in software includes Photoshop, Toonboom, Flash, After Effects, Premier and some Maya. She is also skilled in Microsoft word and Excel. 

In her time at the Academy, she created and assisted on many personal and peer’s projects. She also did production assisting on the school’s shorts working with the San Francisco Giants. In her second year, she competed in the national 24 hour animation contest. The team lost 8 hours when the school’s labs closed and they still came in 3rd place. She continues to polish her art and storytelling skills and can’t wait to see where her next adventure leads.  

If you are interested in working with her please contact her by hovering your mouse over the About Me Tab and clicking contact.​  

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